Settling In – Wednesday 4th March 2020

Settling in

Well Ari and I are settling in again. When we’ve not all been together, even for a few days, we take a while to remember to be polite to each other. Don’t get me wrong, Mum is polite to us, it’s we dogs who forget our manners. Alfie had got very used to peace and quiet. I don’t really do peace and quiet. It takes Mum threatening both of us with having to leave the room, quite a number of times, before we remember to share nicely. Aristotle’s leg seems quite a bit better, but Mum says he still needs to take it easy. He’s fed up with taking it easy. One thing is certain, he and I are not being allowed outside to run madly together, which from my point of view is a great shame.

Alfie starting to fall asleep while standing up


Disappointingly, I’ve had to agree to sleep in the other room at night. I was rather hoping as Mum has missed me that I might find my place on her bed had been restored. She sat me down and said that both she and Alfie were having very disturbed nights at the moment, so in the interest of harmony it would be easier if I sleep in the office. Actually, she gave me a choice of the office or Aristotle’s room. I wanted to go in with Ari, but he complained that when I am I tend to talk all night and he can’t get any sleep. Honestly, me? Pah!

On a brighter note

On a brighter note, Mum has said that as long as the rain holds off we can go for a nice walk. I am so looking forward to that. It gives us a chance to have a proper catch up and for her to discuss any writing problems she’s run into while I’ve been away. I like to help where I can.

Love Wilma

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