Missing Out on Crufts – Friday 6th March 2020

Missing Out on Crufts

I really do feel as though I’m missing out on Crufts kicking my heels here, instead of meeting my adoring public at Crufts. I keep looking at the pictures and wishing I could be there. Mum has said I can go next year, but if you know our breed, you will realise that one thing we are not is patient! I spend my whole life being impatient and that’s not likely to change. Here are just a couple of pictures of what I’m missing out on.

The lovely Ada at Discover Dogs
A little bit of our stand

Alfie doing well

Alfie says he feels better than he’s felt for a while. I think the sunshine plays a big part in that. He’s enjoyed pottering around the garden taking in the smells two days in a row now. He had only been wanting to go out when he absolutely had to, so Mum is really pleased. She’s enjoying the sunshine too if we’re being honest.

Being Good

Of course one thing that may have helped Alfie to feel better is the fact that I think it’s been at least fifteen hours since I last knocked him over. I’ve not got this totally covered yet, but I’m improving!

I’m really hoping that he can get back onto his last lot of tablets that Mum has to take him off as that should mean she can leave him on his own for a little longer so we can go for walks in different places. It’s not that I don’t like walking around here, but everyone likes a change once in a while. We really need to go on some woodland walks before the bluebells start to come out. Mum is very allergic to bluebells so we have to avoid them. It’s a shame because I rather like them. I think photos of me in bluebells look quite good.

Love Wilma

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