Great Day Out in April – Saturday 7th March 2020

Great Day Out

Here’s a great day out for some of you. We don’t normally cover regional events, but this one is special. It’s in aid of the charity we support, Medical Detection Dogs. On top of which it sounds like a lot of fun. We know some of our friends live down in the South West so we thought they’d like to know about it.

How good is your nose?

As you may be aware, Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to sniff out various health issues and alert their owners. We can do things like that when you humans can’t. Our noses are much more sensitive and as a result we can even be trained to sniff out cancer. Anyway, our friends at Medical Detection Dogs thought it would be fun to set up a chance for humans to see how good their noses are. Dogs get to take part too and there’s a prize for the winners. It’s all taking place on Sunday 5th April near Ottery St Mary in Devon. Here is what they say.

Six Secret Scents

Medical Detection Dogs are inviting adventurers to the Escot Estate, where on Sunday 5th April they’ll be placing six secret scents at sniffing stations located around the beautiful grounds of the estate.

Adults, children, and their dogs are all invited to come along and sniff out the puzzling perfumes. For the teams who can correctly identify the most smells, there will be prizes including a family voucher for Wildwood at Escot.

This fun and unique adventure will take place between 10am until 1pm on Sunday 5th April and will cost a donation of £20 for a family adventure (two children and two adults), or £8 for an adult or £4 for a child under 16. All proceeds will go towards supporting the work of Medical Detection Dogs.

Book In Advance

Donations can be made on the day or in advance; there’ll only be space for a limited number of adventurers, so get in touch with Rebecca at to reserve a place.

Escot Estate is near Ottery St Mary, Devon, EX11 1LU

I do hope one of our friends goes so we can hear back how it all goes. If you go let us know and have a fantastic time



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