Famous – Monday 9th March 2020


Well it seems Buddy has made us famous. Ok, that might be a small exaggeration, but when he was called out into the final selection in the Working Group at Crufts on Saturday we suddenly found people ‘liking’ the Club’s facebook page and had some new puppy enquiries too. It was good they managed to find us, given that the commentator couldn’t actually pronounce our name anything like it should be. It’s a good job we’re expecting some litters to be born in the UK this year, otherwise people would be disappointed. Of course, to us, it’s not that surprising that you humans would want to share your lives with one of us but sadly there aren’t enough of us to go around, so you may need to share.

If you didn’t get to see the final Group stage you can see it here. Buddy is on at about 27 minutes in.

Cuddling Up

My excuse was that it was cold and Alfie looked as though he needed a cuddle. Mum was busy at her desk and when she got up I’d got into bed with Alfie. He doesn’t normally let me do that, even when I ask nicely. I did try again later in the day but he said absolutely not! To be fair by then he wasn’t feeling so good and just wanted to be left alone. I wonder if I’ll ever feel like that.


If you were holding your breath to see when my niece Izzy went off to meet the stud dog in Belgium then it’s time to take a few calming breaths now. Her progesterone level has dropped again so she seems to be having what is called a split season. We just need to wait for her to start again. It may be tomorrow, next week or next month. It may be longer than that. I will of course let you know when I do hear.



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