Out to Lunch – Friday 13th March 2020

Out to lunch

We thought some of you dogs might like to know where are the best places to go out to lunch. Now, I’m not talking about places that you’ll be comfortable while your humans eat. I thought you would like to hear about places that have a menu especially for you. So here, courtesy of our friends at tails.com are what they think are the six best places for a dog to eat out. If you manage to go to any of them, please do write and tell us all about what you think. This is what they have sent to us:

Ruff Guide to the UK’s Most Dog-Friendly Holidays

In their ‘Ruff Guide to the UK’s Most Dog-Friendly Holidays’, dog food company tails.com have sniffed out the pubs in the UK offering their four-legged customers the opportunity to tuck into their very own meals. 

From bowls of gravy to full roast dinners, we’ve found the best dogs’ dinners on the menu —and where they’re being served up. 

Forget a bowl of water and a tid-bit from a jar on the bar, these gourmet delights are sure to get your pooches tails wagging:- 

The Farm Tavern – East Sussex


This pub serves up a special roast dinner, made just for dogs! These complimentary doggy dinners have meat, gravy and some veg! This quirky pub has plenty to offer including local ales and a roaring fire, perfect for drying off after a walk on the beach.

The Orange Tree – Norfolk


Your canine friends are always welcome at The Orange Tree and they even have their own doggy menu to choose from. Delicacies include probiotic salmon, chicken or lamb, all served with garnish, pigs ears and gravy, doggie sausage rolls, and bone with marrow in. And once they have devoured their feast they can swirl it down with some water. 

Out for lunch at The Kings’ Head – Suffolk


It’s a dog’s dinner of a menu at The Kings Head pub! Their mutts menu includes; cow ears, pig ears, honey dried pig snout, knotted bone, doggy sausage, and a ramekin of pedigree gravy bones. This classic pub has plenty to offer including beer, food and a warm welcome, the perfect spot after a long walk. 

The Bowbridge Arms – Gloucestershire


Do you want to enjoy your Sunday Roast without your four-legged friends drooling over your food whilst you eat – then The Bowbridge Arms is the place for you! On Sundays the pub serves doggy roasts, making this the perfect place for a roast after a Sundy walk. 

Bijou of Lytham – Lancashire


A family run business that welcomes all members of the family, including your dogs and they even get their own menu. All food in this little resting spot is sourced locally and cooked fresh to order. 

The Egerton House Hotel – London


The Egerton understands how important our pets are to us and that’s why they offer them first class hospitality. You and your pooch can enjoy an Afternoon Tea together – with a special doggy friendly version for your pooch. This special afternoon tea includes a pooch-pleasing selection of treats, such as chicken and beef meatloaf, homemade dog biscuits and dog ice cream. Now you can enjoy an indulgent Afternoon Tea at the same time as your most loyal companion.

Well that’s quite enough food to be thinking of – have fun.

Love Wilma

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