Cuddles all round – Saturday 14th March 2020

Cuddles all round

It’s been cuddles all round over the last couple of days. Mum has taken time with each of us, obviously except Shadow who has never really got the whole cuddle thing. I have to say it was just lovely. She said the time with Alfie was the nicest. She got down on the floor with him and let him decide how he wanted to be cuddled. Too many parts of him hurt for him to want to be held as he used to. He likes to nuzzle his head up to Mum and then have her rub his tummy a little bit. He’s been very unsettled this week, so it was nice they could share some special time together. Even on all his medication he gets upset if she leaves the room.

cuddles all round - Wilma gets into bed with Alfie
Me getting into bed to cuddle Alfie

Going for a walk

Mum and I went for a nice walk yesterday around the village. It’s lovely to see the blossom starting to come out and all the bright yellow daffodils. It wasn’t as warm as Mum thought it was going to be, but she says the weather forecast is better for next week. The problem with going very far is, Alfie gets very distressed when we go out. He was ok in the car until recently, but now he’s struggling to get up the ramp to get in. He can’t make all his legs go in the same direction so sometimes partly falls off the edge as he goes up. Mum says we will have to have more shorter walks instead at the moment. I don’t mind as I do like walking around our village and seeing what’s going on.

Quiet weekend

We have a very quiet weekend planned. It will mostly consist of more cuddles and more walking. I think Mum is trying to prepare herself for having to make a very difficult decision with Alfie. Our vet said that if he were human he’d be on morphine and we’re just not sure the pain medication he’s on is really enough anymore. It is not easy.



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  1. A very hard decision to make but sometimes the hardest decision is the best decision. Love to all off you and a BIG hug for Alfie x

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