All so odd – Wednesday 25th March 2020

All so odd

Well everything is all so odd. Either I can go for a walk with Mum or Shadow can, if we go from home and don’t break the rules. We could all get in the car to go somewhere and then walk, but that means one of us sitting in the car waiting. We may do that yet. Shadow is really fed us as her swimming has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. She does enjoy going and it does her hip so much good. On the other paw, we do now have a date for Aristotle to see the specialist. Mum has to take him next Tuesday. They will assess him and may operate the same day if he needs it. He has to take his overnight bag just in case.

Me and Shadow enjoying antlers

Dad’s Isolation

Dad is fine in his isolation. We’ve all said hello to him via the video screen. I know it’s not the same, but that’s better than not seeing him at all. He was on work calls all day yesterday and none of them knew he was still in his pyjamas! It’s so funny, Mum put his bottles of wine along the window ledge. It means when we go outside we can check how far through them he is. He’s being good so far.

Dog Beds

In those ‘odd activities humans do when they can’t go out’, Mum has been sorting out all her filing cabinets. That is not something a dog gets excited about. Anyway, she’s nearly finished that particular job and has promised to sort out all our dog beds next. Most of them are fine, but somehow the one in my crate has rather fallen apart. I don’t know how it happened honestly I don’t. Anyway, Mum says we can sort it out as long as I promise to be a bit more careful.




  1. Hi, pleased to hear you are all doing well in these difficult times. I am glad Ari has his appointment. I did have one for Monday but it has been cancelled as they are only taking emergencies so I have to wait. It is boring as I can only stay in the garden. I do have medicine but I want to get back to normal asap. My Vet said I could try else where but it would mean a long journey and the man on the TV said we must not go far. Keep me posted! Love Dickens XXX

    • Ari has to go to near Leeds, but Mum feels she has to take him because with his front legs being bad too he really needs sorting out as soon as possible. She won’t go anywhere on the way there or back. She’s promised.

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