Social Distancing – Monday 30th March 2020

Social distancing

Now, I cannot speak for other breeds of dog, but Entlebucher Mountain Dogs do not do social distancing from their humans. Getting us to sit six feet away from you would be nothing short of torture for us. We can just about get our heads round sitting next to you. Our preference is to sit on you. We will have our face in your face unless you tell us that’s not ok and will kiss you at any opportunity. Forget this whole ‘dogs don’t like to be cuddled’ thing, it just doesn’t work for us. We would be cuddled 24/7 every week of the year, indefinitely. The best you can do is wash your hands, face… well, probably all of you, every time we’ve invaded your personal space.

Wonky Donkey

Poor old Aristotle. Mum has started calling him wonky donkey. One of his front legs was hurting him today which leaves him with only two working properly. Mum is thinking she might have been wrong to delay his specialist appointment, but we’ll have to see. It may not have helped when he tried to chase a dog that was passing our house yesterday when Mum took him out to the toilet. He was on his lead, being held firmly by Mum so was scrabbling at the ground. I don’t think it did him any good.

Crime scene challenge

Some of our friends have been doing the crime scene challenge. You need to sit still while your human puts a line of treats right around your outline, like a chalk crime scene outline.  The idea is for your human to be able to take your photo surrounded by a line of treats and you being good. We don’t have a picture because I failed. We’ve tried it twice so far and on both occasions Mum didn’t get further than putting the second treat down before I ambushed her. She says if I don’t try a little hard to play fair she’ll stop doing it with me. She is under the impression she may have more success with Shadow! I’d like to see her try if I surrounded her with Hobnob biscuits!