Good News – Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good news

Aristotle has good news. He went to see our lovely vet yesterday. He was really struggling to walk. Mum was worried that it was his elbow causing the problem. She came home very excited to tell us he only has a badly infected nail bed and a rather swollen toe. He now has some stronger painkillers and antibiotics for the next 10 days. If that doesn’t sort it out he may have to have the nail removed, but compared with the thought of it being his elbow he said he really doesn’t mind. The painkillers are helping already and he can at least put his paw on the ground, which given one of his back legs is not working stops him falling over. He’s feeling very sorry for himself, but Mum is giving him lots of extra cuddles.

While she was at the vet Mum was also able to collect Alfie’s ashes. She’s put him in the middle of the hearth in the lounge where she can see him. When she put him there and thought about our wonderful big Alfie reduced to a little box she sat and cried. I was ready to lick away her tears and give her a cuddle.


Mum is trying to use some dictation software on her computer. It’s really funny listening to her. Every time it gets it wrong she shouts at it and sometimes says rude words. What makes it funny is that it always types those correctly. When Aristotle came into the office and barked while she was trying to dictate, it actually translated his bark as ‘hello yes’. I said on that basis she should just let us use the program instead of her. It clearly recognised what Aristotle said more easily than it did Mum’s words.

I’m off to take my frustration out on digging a hole. You may hear some more bad words from Mum.



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