Flashback to Excitement – Friday 3rd April 2020

Flashback to Excitement

Well it’s Friday and I needed a Flashback to excitement. It’s so quiet at the moment. I could really do with something exciting to remind me what normal used to look like.

Aristotle looking handsome yesterday

I liked this from when Mum went to see Tess, one of Shadow’s daughter in the B litter, in 2013

Excited Puppy

When I spoke to my Mistress earlier they were half way to Switzerland. They went to see Tess and my Mistress said it was really funny. Tess went up to them as though they were anybody. Then she sniffed my Mistress and was suddenly excited ‘Oh it’s you. IT’S YOU.’

In her excitement little Tess’s left a small puddle on the hall floor. Then she proceeded to jump all over my Mistress kissing her and snuggling up to her.

They were only there for about 40 minutes. Tess was so pleased to see her and carried on bouncing with excitement until she ran out of energy and collapsed in a heap of tired puppy. It’s a good job she’s happy living where she is because if she weren’t I think my Mistress would be adding her to our little family. Ari asked if he can go to see his sister when we’re passing in the summer. My Mistress has said ‘We’ll see’ which at least isn’t a no!

I was really quite upset when I found this from four years ago. Was I really like this as a puppy?

Wild Thing

Most of the time our Mistress does not think that Wilma deserves the name ‘Wild Wilma’ that she was nicknamed as a puppy. She is the loveliest dog out. However, while she’s in season she can’t really go out for walks and all of a sudden she deserves the name! Our Mistress went out shopping for some of yesterday. To say that Wilma was going stir crazy by the time she came back would be a massive understatement. She was so pleased to see our Mistress that when she was taken outside to go to the toilet she kept running into the mud and then back and jumping up our Mistress. The clean clothes that she was hoping to wear to go out in the evening most certainly were no longer suitable!

Usually, Wilma is only allowed to have the great big chew for a short time in an evening while we all watch television so that she is settled and quiet (though she chews pretty noisily, I can tell you!). Anyway, in order to occupy her Wilma has been given the big chew to keep her quiet for longer periods while she can’t go for walks. Our Mistress even found herself going round singing ‘Wild Thing’ by the Troggs which was a little bit worrying.

That’s quite enough of that – I need to go and run round the garden. Have fun.



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