Weekend – Saturday 4th April 2020


In case you hadn’t realised, it’s the weekend. You humans might think that to us dogs every day is the same. It isn’t. We take all our cues from you. Sometimes you don’t even realise that your actions are making clear to us exactly what’s happening. For example Shadow is always ready to go swimming on Tuesday. Obviously at the moment she isn’t going, but that’s not the point. Anyway, we get used to the alarm clock going off on some days of the week and not others. Now that you’re all working from home we’re as confused as you are.

Mum is now trying to get us used to getting up a little later. She thought with the clocks changing that we would go along with the idea. Yeah right. I’m a dog who likes my food. It’s not that I haven’t understood that we don’t need to get up at 6 AM, it’s just I want my breakfast at 6 AM! I know it’s Saturday even if Mum doesn’t, but I still want my breakfast.

Fry Up

I did wonder whether I might persuade Mum to cook some bacon and eggs given it’s Saturday. I tentatively suggested the idea. Sadly, I regret to say that I have just seen her heading towards my box of kibble with the food scoop in her hand. Something tells me I’m not getting cooked breakfast.

I have also suggested that we could spend the day cuddled up on the settee watching a movie marathon of some of my favourite films. I even told Mum that she could choose between Beethoven and 101 Dalmatians. She doesn’t seem keen on that idea either. Perhaps when Dad is allowed out of isolation I shall have more success. I’m counting the hours down to Monday afternoon when I can see him. He can be so much more fun than Mum.



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