Happy Dogs – Thursday 9th April 2020

Happy Dogs

Dear humans, I’m really sorry this is so hard for you all, but around the world there are a lot of happy dogs right now. There is nothing a dog likes more than having his or her pack close by. Having you all at home where we know exactly where you are is just the best situation ever as far as we are concerned. I’ve heard from friends all over the world who are happily spending their time staring at their humans. Obviously, they would rather you all got off the couch and played with them, but in the absence of that possibility staring at you is the next best thing. I do realise the intensity of our devotion may be freaking out one or two of you humans, but that can’t be helped.

New Routines

We are settling into a new good weather routine. I like it very much. The back door is open a lot of the time so that Shadow and I can come and go as we please. Mum and Dad come out and join us for coffee break and then again at lunch and mid afternoon. Mum is also making sure she spends time with poor old Aristotle who is still on crate rest. He’s really missing out, but seems happy enough and isn’t complaining. I’m getting plenty of fresh air and exercise and quite honestly am a very happy dog. In the evening I get to watch a little television and then when Mum’s tired I take her up to bed. I could get very used to this sort of lifestyle.

There’s plenty of time for naps while Mum and Dad are working. It seems to be a good balance as far as I can tell. We are lucky living in a village and having a nice garden. It does make this whole situation a lot easier than it would be otherwise. It won’t be quite so much fun if it starts raining all the time either, but for the time being I’m a happy dog.



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