Complaint – Tuesday 14th April 2020


I have a complaint about this lockdown thing. From what Mum has said, a lot of her friends have resorted to cooking to pass the time. My complaint is that Mum has not taken that approach. There is nothing better as a dog than your human deciding to spend time in the kitchen cooking. As long as you are close by to help, it is a win:win situation. You get any scraps they drop and in exchange they get a clean kitchen floor. I’m all in favour of it.  Oh, Mum has gone as far as suggesting it would be a good idea in principle. She has even talked about some of the things she might cook. However, beyond ensuring she has the ingredients in the house, she has made no actual progress.

Another night on the settee

Must try harder

This is a complete fail as far as I’m concerned. I liked the sound of the recipe for flapjacks. I’m partial to a few oats and she was bound to have dropped some. There is however no actual sign of her getting on and cooking them. At this rate, given that social distancing and isolation doesn’t apply to me, I may have to nip out to visit some of her friends who are cooking. Any offers?

Days of the week

I also think it might be funny to shuffle the days of the week. You humans have finally reached a dog level of days in which it really doesn’t matter which one is which, so you could finally break with convention and change them round. I know it would freak most of you out, but it wouldn’t even matter if you were each on different days. Think about it. You could even have seven Saturdays if you found that easier to understand.



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