Lockdown Idea -Thursday 16th April 2020

Lockdown Idea

Granny and Grandpa are having fun with a lockdown idea. I liked the idea of what they were doing so much that I thought I’d tell you about it. Obviously, like the rest of us they can’t go out at the moment. They decided they’d had enough of their own four walls so they are going on imaginary days out. At breakfast they had a long discussion about where they were going for the day and then spent the rest of the day imagining they were there and talking about the things they would be doing if they were really there. The place they went to yesterday has a tea room with a terrace so they sat outside and had coffee.

The pretended they went to the restaurant for lunch, even though Granny had to cook it. They had a walk around the garden in the afternoon, while pretending to be somewhere else entirely and had afternoon tea outside too.

Going on holiday

Today they will decide where they are going for the day and say it depends on the weather. They’ve decided to go to the Isle of Wight on holiday next month but aren’t sure how long they will go for.

As Mum said, most people spend their childhood using their imaginations and then when they start to grow up forget how to do it entirely. She says it’s only like reading a book and losing yourself in the story. I do rather suspect it may explain some of why Mum writes books, but leaving that aside, why don’t you try it? You can either revisit somewhere you’ve been before or even go somewhere new. You can find enough pictures on the internet and possibly even some webcams so you can look at what is (or isn’t) going on today.

Where I actually am

I’m off to imagine I’m going for a walk on Wilma’s mountain. If you fancy joining me you can have a look at the webcam HERE

Where I’m imagining I am



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  1. Hi Wilma
    you are making PR for Switzerland from where you come from. But you where also at the Berner Oberland. Can you also make PR for them?
    Have a nice day< with your dreams.
    Love from us all from Kornried

    • Oh that’s a good idea. Mum would like a day out with you. I shall talk to her about it.

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