Top Ten – Friday 17th April 2020

Top Ten

We have made it into the list of the UK’s top ten pet blogs again. Today is a month since we lost Alfie and I just hope he is looking down and feeling proud of all he has achieved. This is the fourth year running that the lovely people at Vuelio have said we’re one of the top pet blogs and we’re very proud of that. Of course, we couldn’t do it without all of you, so thank you. I am a little concerned that a cat makes the top spot, but I guess that’s the thing with cats they are either first or they don’t want to know. We dogs are just grateful to be included at all.

You can read the whole list of the top ten HERE

Today’s outing

Me visiting Bradgate Park last year

When I spoke to Granny yesterday she and Grandpa had gone on an imaginary outing to Bradgate Park. That’s one of Mum’s favourite places in this country. It is not far from where she grew up and was the home of Lady Jane Grey. Mum took me there a while ago and I have to say I was very taken with the deer. Sadly, as a result of being quite so taken I had to be on my lead so I didn’t try to round them up. Apparently that’s not allowed or a good idea. I couldn’t see why, it looked fun. Some even walked right in front of us across the path which was really mean when I can’t chase them.

visiting family and friends

Visiting my sister Tosca

Anyway, my imaginary outing today will be to another part of my Swiss homeland. My sister Tosca lives in the Bernese Oberland which is just as beautiful as the part I’m from. Mum and I are going to have an imaginary outing there today. I thought I’d find you a webcam link to have a look and dig through the archives for a photo of when we were there. You can see the webcam HERE

near my sister Tosca’s house

I do miss seeing all my family and friends. Mum has promised that when all this is over, her first priority will be to take me on a special trip to see everyone.



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