Carrot Day – Saturday 18th April 2020

Carrot Day

It’s Carrot Day today. Mum says we can’t go for an imaginary day out as we need to plant the carrot seeds. It’s very exciting for me getting to learn what to do as this is usually one of Aristotle’s jobs. Mum said he could still do it today if he promised not to chase any pigeons while he was out there. This is where being honest was not in his interests. He said he really couldn’t keep a promise like that, so he’s spending the day resting indoors. I on the other paw carefully crossed my claws where she couldn’t see and promised not to chew any sticks.

Doesn’t Aristotle have a lovely smile?

Talking of Pigeons

There have been a pair of pigeons mating outside our office window for days. I don’t know whether to be fascinated or appalled. She really does lead him a merry dance. The Dad disturbed another pair of birds on the fence. They seem to be at it everywhere at the moment without any thought to social distancing! We could be set for a sudden increase in the bird population very soon, although the magpies might have other ideas.

Getting Excited

We are all getting excited because it’s only a week now until Lia’s puppies are due to be born. She’s doing well. Her housemate, Annie, says she doesn’t think Lia really has a clue what all the fuss is about. Annie had puppies a few years ago so she’s got a pretty good idea. She says she’s on standby to help. Their other housemate is Billy and he’s quite ready to go into hiding until it’s all over. I shall try to bring you news when it all happens. I’ll ask Annie if she can take some pictures for us so you can all see. We will be very eager to find out how many there are and what they’re going to be called.



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