Get Fit – Sunday 19th April 2020

Get fit

I like it when my humans resolve to get fit. It means they walk further than normal and of course I’m there to encourage them every step of the way. They have promised that I can take them for a good walk every day, but ideally in places and at times when we won’t see anyone. It’s funny, normally when we go for walks we don’t see anyone, but since this whole lockdown thing there have been more people in all our usual places so Mum has avoided going to them. At the moment we can walk along roadsides as there are so few cars, but I guess that won’t be like that forever.

Mum thought about getting a treadmill, but I’m pleased to say they are out of stock. That’s particularly good news for me as it means she has to go out whether she likes it or not. She had said it was going to be additional to our walks, but I’d rather not risk it.

Planning ahead

Mum sat me down yesterday and explained that Dad will have to go back to Switzerland in a while. She doesn’t know exactly when yet, but as things start to open up again he will need to return. We on the other paw won’t be able to go with him. Mum says until there is a vaccine or some way of being more safe then I have to stay here to look after her. That in itself is no hardship, but I’d just like Dad to be here too. We’ve got very used to him being around and we like it.

I can honestly say, life is going to be quite boring without Dad around. I think Shadow and I have really appreciated having him here. Even Aristotle says he’s going to miss him and given he’s a real mummy’s boy that’s saying something.



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