Waiting for News from Lia – Monday 27th April 2020

Waiting for news from Lia

Well I have been waiting for news from Lia. We shall look forward to hearing from her when she’s ready.

I made the mistake of telling Shadow, who promptly started reminiscing about the day that Aristotle’s litter was born. Listening to her all got a bit much after a while.


Mum says I should change my name to Houdini. Is it my fault that I have certain skills that come in handy? I have now totally mastered opening my crate door and have the process down to a reliable few seconds. I will stay in my crate if it suits me, but not if it doesn’t.

The other night, Mum asked me to go into my crate so she could take Shadow outside and put her to bed. Not unreasonable you might think. I was in one of those devilment sort of moods. In the time she took to leave me, and take Shadow outside for a moment, I let myself out and helped myself to Shadow’s bedtime biscuit that was waiting on the side. I also ate the marzipan that was for Aristotle’s tablet. I was waiting at the back door for them, the picture of innocence.


Ari seems to be making a little progress. I have not been allowed to see him yet, but Mum says he is using his leg a little more. He is being very good and very patient so far. Whether that will last until he’s fully recovered remains to be seen.

I’m going back to twiddling my paws in the hope that Lia gets in touch soon. All this worrying is making me hungry so I might ask for extras too. A girl has to try. Why does she think I keep escaping? I’m always looking for an extra snack.



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