Wow – Rain – Saturday 2nd May 2020

Wow – rain

Well, wow – rain! I wasn’t expecting that. After having so much good weather I’d almost forgotten what heavy rain was like. We viewed it somewhat differently. Mum was glad that the plants were getting a good watering. All I could think of was ‘Mud’. Now we have one small problem. My favourite muddy piece of garden is now part of the vegetable patch. Mum has explained that if I try playing on it, we won’t end up with nice beans to eat. Now, let’s be honest, when had my first choice of food been vegetables? Mud now or an end of a bean later? Oh decisions, decisions. Who am I kidding? The choice is easy – woo hoo – mud!


I don’t want to speak too soon after what happened the other day, but Aristotle is at last putting his paw to the ground again and seems to be improving a little. He is still wearing his collar and will be doing for another week. Mum says he’s actually getting the hang of moving around wearing the cone and only bumps into about half as many things as he did at the start. He gets pretty annoyed when he gets stuck in a doorway and can’t work out how to get through, but I have a good laugh. That may be what he’s annoyed about.

Busy Day

I’m doing two electronic meet and greets today. There are lots of lovely people who want to meet an Entlebucher as they are thinking of joining the waiting list but who aren’t allowed out to meet one at the moment. As Mum won’t let me take the car out on my own to go to see them, Dad has arranged for me to do visits by video call. He only had the idea a few days ago, so now we have a bit of a backlog of visits to catch up with. I’m going to have a very full and exciting diary. Mum said to Dad not to arrange them at my meal times if he wants my full attention. She knows me very well!



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