Technology – Wednesday 6th May 2020


Where would we be without technology? Obviously, we dogs can still go out, but given not many humans are prepared to hand their car keys over to us, we can’t go very far. Anyway, as a result of you all staying home there are things being cancelled which affect us dogs just as much as you. I’ve already told you that I’m busy doing video meet and greets. I did two last weekend and I’ve got 2 or 3 more scheduled next week. Now it seems our Club is hoping to hold our AGM by an online meeting too. That means far more of us dogs will be able to attend than can do normally. It’s a long way for some of the dogs to travel when we do it in person, so to speak.

Photo Competition

I wish I could show you all the wonderful photos coming in for our Club’s photo competition. Shadow has been really excited as she’s seen recent pictures of a few of her children and is so happy to see them looking well. They really have all grown up into remarkably good looking dogs. Shadow is right to be proud. Mum has entered some pictures of us, but she’s told us not to get our hopes up as there are some much better photographers out there. I think I should be employing one of them to take my photo so I stand more chance.


Mum wants to do some more planting and we’ve had to have a discussion on compost. She can’t find anywhere to deliver any to her, which means her only choice is to use what has developed in the compost bin. The last time she tried that we had a field day trying to eat it. It tasted so good. Now she is asking us to promise faithfully to leave her seedlings alone I she uses it. Yeah, right. How well does she know us?



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  1. Wilma, tell your mum Amazon will even deliver compost, ok? Val & Niamh, with purrs.

    • Thank you. She did look but they seem to be either out of stock, delivering in over a month or very expensive.
      Love Wilma

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