Velcro – Thursday 7th May 2020


A funny incident happened with Velcro yesterday. Mum had taken Aristotle outside and was putting his cone of shame back on him. Now, it helps for you to understand two things. Firstly Aristotle’s cone does with Velcro. Secondly as a result of having carpal tunnel syndrome, Mum has to wear two wrist braces, which… do up with Velcro. Picture the scene, Mum managed to do her wrist braces up quite firmly to Aristotle’s cone. They were welded to each other and couldn’t move without each other. It’s funny as even without the Velcro, Aristotle feels like that about Mum when he’s given the opportunity. He was happy to leave things the way they were, but Mum didn’t fancy getting in the crate with him.


As it was sunny yesterday, I thought Mum might like the chance of practising taking photographs of me. It’s safe to say she needs the practice. This one didn’t turn out too badly, but some of them had the tree coming out of my head, which is never a good look. When she started she was taking a picture toward the sun so my face was in shade. I pointed out that would not leave me looking my best. She had some with the shadow of her hand and camera in shot. She has so much to learn about showing me to best advantage. I got bored and refused to do any more. I might let her have another go later.


You cannot believe how excited Shadow is. She had a text yesterday to say if the lockdown eases a little then she can start to go swimming again. She says she really needs it as her arthritis is bad and she’s struggling. It will all be done at a distance for the humans. Mum isn’t supposed to come into contact with anyone so is only going for Shadow’s health benefit. She has to take Ari to have his stitches out next week too.



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