Left out – Saturday 9th May 2020

Left out

Yesterday I was left out. I don’t mean I was left outside, that would never happen. I was not included. Mum and Dad had their picture taken outside the house for a village picture and I was not included. Now, you might think ‘so what perhaps there were no dogs’, but you’d be wrong. Dad insisted on including Shadow. Just Shadow! Can you imagine? She isn’t going to let me forget this one in a hurry. Ok to be fair, I’d done another Zoom meet and greet call and she hasn’t been involved in any of those. She could be, but she can’t get up onto the settee we’ve been using to do them from.

I suppose we could get Mum to take the computer somewhere else so Shadow could do one. We’ve got another one this morning.


Aristotle is really counting down the day to having his stitches out. He says he’s totally fed up wearing a cone and he won’t even mind his crate nearly so much when he can just relax properly in it. Once he hasn’t got to negotiate getting in and out without being able to see where he’s walking, Mum says she will put his proper bed back in and make it all a bit more comfortable for him. At least she’s said that she’ll do that after he is sick and has returned the dressings off his leg.


I felt very proud telling Aristotle how my gardening efforts are going. The parsnips and carrots are all coming through. There aren’t even too many patches where the pigeons had a go at them. The roses have started coming out now too. You just now that means only one thing – the frantic counting of all the blooms can commence to see if they can beat their best ever year. How sad are some of the things that humans waste time on?



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