Disappointed – Tuesday 12th May 2020


Ari is disappointed. Mum had promised he’d be able to lose the cone once he had his stitches out. She was wrong. He had his stitches out, that was all fine, but there is still an area he needs to leave alone. Ari is not good at that. That means the cone stays for at least for a few days anyway. It would make it much easier for Mum if he would actually let her examine the wound so she could see how it was doing. I think he might need to rethink his strategy if he wants to get rid of the cone sooner rather than later.


A really odd thing has been happening during this whole human lockdown thing. Everyone has realised that the thing missing in their lives is a dog. More precisely, everyone seems to think it is an Entlebucher which is missing from their family. Dad looks after our Club puppy list and he’s being kept very busy with people who have spent their time researching our breed and concluding we really are perfect. I already knew we were perfect, but it’s nice to have that confirmed. It’s a shame that the lockdown has also made it more difficult for dogs to finish their tests and for matings to take place. Hopefully, we can get a bit more idea of what is happening soon.


Mum is going to try using a treadmill. She has said I can have a go too. It made me remember Alfie talking about escalators and asking what kind of idiot would get on a staircase which was trying to get away from them? I’m with him on this one. Mum says we can start really slowly. She’s lost it, clearly. I don’t do anything slowly. She is now saying she is willing to offer regular biscuits if I’ll give it a go – she’s not playing fair. She knows I’ll do almost anything for a biscuit.



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