More Video Chats – Sunday 17th May 2020

More video chats

Well I’m busy doing more video chats. I did one yesterday and I have another this afternoon. Dad’s asked if I can fit in another couple next week too. I quite enjoy them as I get all the attention. Shadow is feeling left out and has asked if there is any possibility of doing them in a way she can take part. I don’t mind sharing the limelight, but it’s easier doing them in the office, where Mum’s computer is set up. Shadow can’t reach the settee in there these days so it’s harder to do.

I did suggest that Mum could bring the little steps in for her to us, but Mum said that would only work if Shadow would not get too excited and forget to use them when she gets down. Any circumstance in which Shadow doesn’t get too excited is impossible to imagine. That rules that one out.

Another idea

Then I had another idea. I wondered if they could use the tv in the lounge, but Mum says that she would either need to take her computer through or find a camera that could be attached to the television. She has a great big box of computer spare parts, I’m sure there’s something in there which would work.


The next step around here is to start some decorating. The first room which is going to be done is Shadow’s. She has asked if Mum can get some colour charts for her to look at. She also asked if could have a picture painted on the wall, but I think that might be stretching Mum’s skills too far. I wondered if we could maybe do a few stencils. Shadow would like some puppies to remind her of her children and I thought some pawprints might be fun. Mum says we may have to wait until Dad goes back to Switzerland in case he says ‘no’.



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