At Last – Monday 18th May 2020

At last

At last Aristotle’s leg seems to be improving. Mum says he seems to be back to about where he was a week ago before it all went wrong. As long as he makes steady progress for another day or two she is going to let him have the cone off for at least some of the time. She is also making him walk twice around the garden each time they go outside rather than just once. He doesn’t use the leg for all the steps but he is using it some of the time. As it starts to get easier she’s going to increase the number of circuits she makes him walk.

Shadow happy

Well Shadow is happy. She is being spoiled. She slept upstairs snuggled up to Dad last night. I was taking care of Mum so it all worked out well. Mum has relented on her having to sleep downstairs for the time being and says she will see how Shadow is doing. She knows how upset Shadow is about the changes at home and doesn’t want to make it any worse. To be fair, Shadow was so noisy at one point yesterday that I think the whole village now knows she’s unhappy about the changes.


Mum and Dad were supposed to be on holiday this week, without me. I’m upset, not because they were leaving me behind, but because I quite fancy a week with doggy friends to play with. I asked if I could go to kennels anyway, but Mum says she is not allowed out so I’ll have to wait. I miss my friends. Shadow’s ok, but she’s past playing chase and I’ve already broken Ari once, so I’m not allowed to do that again. I would love a good romp.



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