Bumble Bee – Saturday 23rd May 2020

Bumble Bee

It turns out that it is a bumble bee who has moved into the bird nest box on the summerhouse. Actually, not just one, lots. On the one paw, it’s very good news that they aren’t wasps, but on the other paw it does mean they are here to stay. Mum has explained that they won’t bother us unless we bother them and as suggested we make that small corner of the garden out of bounds. There is nothing makes a dog want to use a place as a regular choice for pooing than being told your human would rather you didn’t! We’re still having discussions on that one.

Not Just Bumble Bee friendly

I did point out to Mum that if she keeps planting bee friendly plants and growing everything organically than it’s inevitable that the wildlife will think it’s worth moving in. I suppose it’s a shame they aren’t honey bees as they could have been encouraged to move out to a more palatial setting. Apparently, it’s unlikely they would have moved into somewhere as small in the first place. Our ‘semi-detached’ bird box wouldn’t have been to their liking.

Boomer ball

Mum has taken my new boomer ball outside for me to play with. So far I have no idea why she thinks it’s a good idea. I’ve watched her push it around the garden and gently tap it towards me, but felt no inclination to send it back. Shadow is unconvinced too and she’s a real ballaholic when given the opportunity. I think maybe I need to invite one of my friends round who has already got one. Then they can demonstrate why they think it’s good fun and I can decide whether or not to join in.


Is it any wonder that Aristotle can’t work out what is going on with his legs when his mother sits like this?

To be fair he was struggling more yesterday so Mum has him under observation.



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  1. It took me a little while to work it out too, Wilma, but the hoomans kept nudging it around and I eventually started to do the same and gradually built up my skills! It’s great fun once you get used to it 😀

    • Oh Hendrix, I do wish you could come and play. I’m much happier chasing another dog than a ball. I’m happy if you want to play with the ball as long as you don’t mind me running after you.

      • I think perhaps we are similar in that regard! I usually chase other dogs and want the toy they are playing with until I get it, then I’m not interested. Perhaps we’d be better with a good tug toy!

        • Well that’s not going to work. Now we need another dog who will chase the ball then we can choose them. I wonder if Cinders is free
          Love Wilma

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