This Windy weather – Sunday 24th May 2020

This Windy weather

Well I don’t know where this windy weather has come from, but it is not being appreciated by Mum. She hates being outside when it’s like this. I, on the other paw, look for the positives. Suddenly, out of nowhere the world has rained down lots of sticks for me to play with and that has to be a good thing. One of them is bigger than I am and it’s going to take some breaking into pieces before I can run round with it. I’ve tried dragging it but it’s still too big. I suggested Shadow took hold of the other end and we could move it together, like my Mama Susie and Valeria do. Shadow just looked at me as though I was stupid, which is ironic really.

Lia’s Puppies

Lia’s puppies are really growing up now. I’ve seen pictures of them and they look lovely. Mum says they are at the age where they are just perfect. They are playing a little bit and being naughty, which adds to the fun of watching them. It’s going to be difficult for both Lia’s human and the homes they will go to, ensuring they are fully socialised. With the current situation of lockdown it isn’t possible for them to have so many visitors. At least by the time they go to their homes in another four weeks they might be able to go out a little bit more than they can at the moment. On the plus side, at least their humans can be around all the time.

Social Life

The funny thing is that at the moment I am the only one with a full diary. I have been doing lots of meeting with prospective owners by Zoom. I met people on Friday and yesterday and have another one this afternoon. I love doing it as I get chance to sit on the settee between Mum and Dad and have non stop cuddles while I tell people about our breed. What’s not to like?



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