Indignant – Thursday 28th May 2020


There is no dog who can do indignant the way Shadow can. I think it may be her word, seeing as it has the word ‘dig’ in it. She used to be a real digger until Mum explained it was unacceptable behaviour. Now she’s just indignant. It doesn’t matter how much time she spends with Mum, if she’s asked to be on her own for a while and doesn’t feel like it, she kicks up such a fuss. She insists on being noticed and woe betide anyone who doesn’t pay her attention when she wants it. This photo was taken yesterday when Mum had asked Shadow to stand next to me and she had other ideas. Just look at the expression on her face! Actually that may be her imperious look.


I cannot be blamed for trying to help myself if Mum is going to use seaweed as a fertiliser for the vegetables. Now, let’s be fair, she used to give Alfie seaweed as a supplement when he needed some extra nutrients, so it’s not as though she doesn’t know how good we think it tastes. Now, to be fair, it may have been wrong of me to climb up into the high level vegetable trough to help myself. I should probably have asked first, but knowing how high I can jump, Mum should have been expecting it. I might have got away with it if Mum hadn’t been looking at the wrong moment. Now she’s questioning my previous explanation of seeing pigeons on the vegetable trough last time.


Mum has started a project of redecorating the house. She says if she does a little towards it every day then by the time normal life resumes she might have done at least one room. Actually, I’m paraphrasing. She seems to think she’s going to get a lot further than that, but in my experience her enthusiasm will run out a long time before the available work.



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