Puppy Wanted Flashback – Friday 29th May 2020

Puppy Wanted Flashback

Puppy Wanted Flashback – apply within. Ha ha, that worried you. Not now. As I’m not doing anything very exciting this end, I thought I’d bring you a Friday Flashback.

I loved finding this from 12 years ago when Alfie was setting out to find a companion and Mum was beginning to work out how to develop our breed in this country. It’s funny think that back then Alfie was the tenth of our breed in the UK. I guess Alfie was very proud to get to over a hundred of us here in his lifetime.

Puppy wanted

We have spent quite a long time trying to find out who to contact to bring some more Entlebucher puppies to England. It really isn’t very easy when you are trying to read websites in lots of different languages. Then I had the problem of writing emails that were easy to understand and which said what we needed to say. It’s all very well but faced with people who want your puppies, who speak the same language, and are just down the road or people who want your best puppies who are in another country and don’t speak the same language, which would you choose?

I was starting to get very disheartened but my Mistress reminded me that we aren’t quitters and that out there somewhere are some puppies just waiting to come and be my companions. I tried using the word ‘harem’ but my Mistress pointed out that one of them would be a boy. By the end I was worn out. It would be nice to have a little girl dog to share my basket with. I promise I’d take very good care of her.

Three years later they had already come a long way. Shadow had not only joined the family, but grown up enough that she was looking to have puppies of her own.

Waiting for Shadow’s Season

And still we wait for Shadow’s season. We are however in the date range that my Mistress was originally expecting if it hadn’t been for the fact of Megan’s being a few weeks ago and the possibility of them synchronising. My Mistress thinks it will start by 20th June at the latest, so every day is becoming more likely. I’ve bitten all my front claws with anxiety and am now starting on the back ones. If it doesn’t happen soon I shall have to start chewing Megan’s.

Oh so funny, then I rolled forward to 2017 when Leo and I met and I fell in love. Obviously I couldn’t mate with him as I haven’t passed my tests, but if all goes well he will be mating with Sybil later this year and I have to say I really am very jealous.

Meeting Shadow’s son Leo

I’m in love. Not just a little bit. I’m head over paws in love with Leo. Mum wonders if I might be coming into season as we were both so utterly desperate to be together and we were both shrieking when we couldn’t be.

He even jumped out of the kitchen window into the garden to come and find me. I was flirting. I admit it, but to be honest neither one of us needed any encouragement at all. Season or no season we’d both have been happy to mate right there right then. That’s why Mum took me into the garden to separate us, but Leo howled and I wouldn’t stop barking. As a result Mum thought she should take me away rather sooner than later to be on the safe side. I was devastated. That was when he jumped out of the window to come after me. It was so romantic.

Me with Leo

Well I suppose I’d better stop day dreaming and get back to reality. Have a great Friday.



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