More Deliveries – Saturday 30th May 2020

More Deliveries

I don’t want any more deliveries. The biggest problem of Mum not going out is that anything she wants has to be brought to her. And I do mean anything. I don’t especially mind the doorbell ringing. It’s Shadow who is the problem. She only has to think someone might be coming to the door in order to announce it to the whole village. She is driving everyone bonkers. I have tried to suggest to Mum that she should simply stop buying anything, but then I guess we’d all go hungry if she followed that advice. The only other option would be for her to get everything from one place, but she’s pointed out that there is nowhere selling everything she wants. We need a compromise.

Getting excited

I should just stress here that this is not one I’m going to be getting excited about. Mum is looking forward to the arrival today of a 6mm chisel. Shadow will get yet another opportunity to bark and I’m left wondering why on earth she would want a chisel. I, on the other paw, have been asking when my paddling pool will arrive. That was ordered ages ago, Mum says that it’s due to come next week, which I’m guessing will mean the good weather will come to an end.

Sniff and search

As I’ve been good, Mum says she will try to set up a game of sniff and search over the weekend. She will lay a trail of toys and treats around the garden and send me out on a treasure hunt. I asked if it could just be treats, but apparently I will get fat if I have too many treats. I think she should take her own advice. She didn’t take it well when I said that. She was eating a scone with clotted cream at the time. I was feeling a little jealous.




  1. Hi Wilma, lovely to hear your news. My Mum says they I have inherited a lot of Shadows genes!! I do exactly the same when anyone comes with parcels here. In fact, as I am the only dog here now I have taken on a lot of jobs. I am the security officer for inside and outside the property and catering manager, also time keeper and walking monitor. We have new neighbours who have a dog who I have not met but am told is a bulldog. Can it bark, I had to tell if off several times yesterday evening. My Mum was getting cross with me. I hate this lockdown thing as everyone is making too much noise and I cannot keep a track of what is going on. On the plus side my leg is feeling better so I am allowed out for a short walk on the lead. I take Dad to the woods nearby, early before it gets too hot. I do hope your paddling pool arrives soon.
    Keep well and love to you all Dickens XXXXX

    • Dear Dickens, I am so pleased you are starting to go for walks again. This whole lockdown thing is driving us all slightly bonkers I think. Mum is certainly not her normal self and that rubs off on all of us.
      Stay safe and take care

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