Can you hear me? – Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Can you hear me?

‘Can you hear me, Shadow?’ Well, it turns out she can. Mum collected her ear drops yesterday and even the first use of them made a big difference. Mum says she needs to use them a few more times to make sure everything is clear. Quite honestly, watching the two of them was funny. The instructions are that you have to fill the ear canal with the fluid then gently massage the ear before wiping out the excess. On paper that all sounds very reasonable.

Opposable thumbs

Even with opposable thumbs a human would find it difficult to see what they were doing to put ear drops in their ear. Anyway, she of course asked Mum to help. Mum read the packet to her so Shadow knew what to expect and then squirted some of the bottle of liquid into Shadow’s ear. Shadow’s automatic reaction was to shake her head and sprayed it all over Mum. The best bit was that the two of them then fell about laughing and reminiscing about Mum having to give worming treatment to Shadow’s puppies when they were young. They used to use a liquid form.

Worming Puppies

Mum would fill the syringe to the right amount and then squirt it into the puppy’s mouth and get them to swallow. One or two of them got wise to the process and would blow it back all over Mum. The liquid was pink and she’d end up covered in pink spots.

Despite their laughter, Mum then massaged Shadow’s ear and she said she liked that bit. When she came to wipe all the surplus away with some cotton wool, well, I won’t describe it but I can tell you I was left in no uncertainty that Shadow’s ears had needed a good clean.

I think I may take washing a bit more seriously than I had been so that I don’t have to have them.



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