Bees – Saturday 6th June 2020


Now, about those bees, I think we’ve gone too far. I told you that bees had moved into the bird nest box in the garden. Well, we think those particular bees may have moved out again but they didn’t leave us a note so we don’t know why. Not to worry as we seem to have two more lots of bees who have moved in. It’s definitely not the same bees as these ones are bigger and fluffier than the ones that were in the nest box. Some are living under the tiles of the office roof and some seem to be living near one of the bedroom windows. Thankfully it’s a window we don’t open so they are welcome to stay.

Video Short

This little video was made by someone in memory of their dog. Mum watched it and said it reminded her of our Alfie. She was crying quite a bit as she said it. When he was younger he would take care of us all and then as he got old it became my job to curl up with him and give him comfort. Anyway, it’s so lovely that she though you might enjoy seeing it too.


After I’ve been doing the video meets as Shadow says she can’t climb onto the settee, she has given the game away. Every evening, when it’s just her and Dad in the office, she gets up onto the settee without any difficulty. It turns out she just doesn’t feel like having to talk to lots of strangers even on Zoom. I don’t mind as I love it. I’m doing another one today and I think I’ve got to set some more up too. If I can’t meet them all in person then video is the next best thing.



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