Oh Dear – Tuesday 9th June 2020

Oh dear

Oh dear, I wasn’t expecting that. One minute Dad was here and the next minute he had to go. He will come back to see us briefly before returning to Switzerland next week, but we won’t actually be able to see him as he will need to quarantine again and we need to stay safe for Mum. Shadow is inconsolable. Mum has said she can sleep in our room for a while, but I’m not so happy with that arrangement. I like having Mum to myself and when it’s just the two of us then I’m allowed to sleep on the bed. When there are three of us Mum insists we sleep in our own bed or she doesn’t get any sleep at all. I hope Shadow can move downstairs to sleep soon.

What day is it?

One of the biggest problems without dad here is that we are less sure which day of the week it is. Today is simply the day after yesterday and the day before tomorrow. I suggested to Mum that it might be a good thing and she should learn to be more like a dog. She should live in the moment and not be so concerned about times and days. If she’s tired she should sleep and if she’s hungry she should eat. She pointed out that I say I’m hungry all the time so there may be a flaw in the plan.

Resident wildlife

I think I told you one lot of bees has moved out. I’m still trying to identify the other two colonies from safe distances. Now however, we also have another mouse in the loft. Mum found out as it has eaten the chocolate on one of the traps and tipped it over. It did not however get caught in the trap, so we are looking for a more intelligent mouse. This could take a while.



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