Our New Normal – Wednesday 10th June 2020

Our New normal

Once again we are trying to get used to our new normal. Mum has agreed that for the time being Shadow can sleep in our room as well as me. I don’t mind too much. Shadow and I talked about it and agreed that if she doesn’t mind me sleeping on the bed with Mum then she can have the big comfy dog bed. There is actually room for two in that bed, but she likes to stretch out. We have only hit two problems so far, but I guess it’s early days. The first is that Shadow farts… a lot! I asked Mum if we could start sleeping with the window open but if for no other reason than the bee colony outside the window the answer was ‘no’.

Me: “Mum, Mum, Shadow’s on the vegetable garden. You told me off for that.”

Morning bounce

The second problem is going to be harder to fix. Shadow is ready to bounce into life earlier than Mum wants to get up. Now to be fair, I’m an early riser too, but Mum and I had reached a compromise. I can get under the covers and snuggle up as long as I don’t expect her to get out of bed quite so early. It was working well. The problem is that when Shadow is excitedly pointing out that it’s almost six in the morning it’s hard not to get caught up in her excitement. At least I’m finding it hard not to. Mum is not responding quite so well.

Shadow: “One paw, it was one paw! And still you have to tell tales.”


Mum has pointed out that for the first time in her life nothing much has to be governed by the clock. She’s gone a bit ‘new age’ on us and says she wants her body to work out its own times for things. I’m not sure whether to spoil the fun by pointing out she was perfectly happy going to bed early and getting up early or whether to let her work it out for herself. Either way, I need to get Shadow to be a bit more patient.



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