Paddling Pool – Saturday 13th June 2020

Paddling pool

Our paddling pool has arrived. Of course the weather is now so bad that if we put it outside it would be full without any help from a hose pipe. Mum knew that if she got us a pool the weather would change and she was right – sorry! I’ve asked if she can set it up anyway, so I can get used to it being around and dip a paw in now and then. Mum says I need to be patient. She’s explained that if she just leaves it out it will end up with things growing in it. That sounded quite fun to me, but apparently if it gets slippery that might be dangerous. I’m going to start checking the weather forecast every morning so I can be ready with my beach towel when it improves.


The squirrel is getting bolder by the day. To my frustration yesterday it came to look into the office from the outside of the window. He had climbed up the fence behind the office and then jumped onto the window ledge. It is a very athletic squirrel. I’m just a bit concerned that the way things are going it isn’t just our bone that it’s trying to carry off but is now casing the joint to see what else we might have that he would like. I’m willing to offer him one or two of Shadow’s broken toys as long as he’ll leave mine alone.

Photo opportunity

The things Mum expects me to do for a photo opportunity. Never have I said that I wanted to give Sloth a piggy back. Sloth is Mum’s toy and not mine. She’s got him to be her car passenger when Dad’s away as he reminds her of Dad. At the moment he’s sitting in the office as we’re not going anywhere in the car – Sloth that is, not Dad.



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