Sunbathing – Thursday 18th June 2020


I’ve been spending time sunbathing. Mum didn’t know where I was and then looked out of the window to see me just sitting quietly in the sunshine. When it happened again she took my photo without telling me. I was happy there just making the most of the feeling of the sun on my coat. To be fair, Mum has enjoyed sitting out there too. She and Dad decided that although he is in unofficial quarantine for a couple of days he is probably fairly safe. They have been having their meals outside so they can be at a safe distance together. They even had dinner while it was thundering on Tuesday. It wasn’t actually raining, but there were lots of rumbles going on in the background.

Never Far Away

For the rest of the day, while not sunbathing, I decided I wanted to be as close as possible to Mum. I took up residence under the desk. I wasn’t on the bed that is at the back of under the desk. Shadow was on that. So as not to disturb her, I sat right under Mum’s feet. I’m sure she didn’t mind sitting at an awkward angle to leave room for me. If she did mind, she didn’t actually say so.

Now it’s just us

Today Dad will set off again and it will just be Mum and the three of us. It will be quiet for a couple of days but we’re all hoping that chaos will return after Aristotle goes to the vet on Monday. We’ve all missed his cheerful little face around the house. I just need to treat him carefully and not cause him anymore injuries. It’s easier said than done. I do forget he’s not as young as he used to be. I think of him as my partner in crime, but he’ll be nine in September.



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