On the mend – Tuesday 23rd June 2020

On the mend

It is such good news, Aristotle is on the mend. He was a very good boy at the vet’s yesterday and had his xray. Everything is healing as they would want and he can now increase the amount of exercise he is doing. He’s not allowed off lead yet and shouldn’t be jumping about everywhere, but he can now start to increase the things he’s doing. Mum laughed and said she now needs to persuade him to be less lazy. She did take him out to spend some time in the garden a while after he came home. He swayed more from side to side than wanted to go either forwards or backwards. Mum decided he’d be better to sleep the afternoon away and then take up his exercise programme when the anaesthetic has fully worn off.

Good news for me

Mum and I have been discussing how frustrated I’m feeling. She’s right that behaving badly because of it isn’t the answer. I said that I was finding it difficult not being able to see any of my friends and although I’m getting some exercise it’s not as much as I’d like. She was really sympathetic and said I’ve been very patient. Sadly she thinks the current situation could go on for a long time, so we need to find ways to deal with it. She isn’t supposed to be going out anywhere, which does make it much harder. However, she’s asked if I’d like to go to doggy day care one day a week. I jumped at the chance. It would mean I could actually spend time with other dogs and play with them and that would really cheer me up.

Playing ball

Then she asked how I’d feel about trying to improve my ball playing skills. I’ve never been a big ball player as I prefer to chase another dog than a little round thing. However, she said if I’d give it a go then she would make time to play ball in the garden with me each day I don’t go to day care. She says she will play for as long as I want to and we’ll see how it goes. If she said that to Shadow then she’d be there all day, but I’m a bit more sensible. Anyway, we started yesterday and I tried really hard. It did me so much good. I felt heaps better afterwards.




  1. Great news!!
    I am due for my check up next week, Mum still has to make the appointment.
    I hope I get a good report too.
    Love Dickens X

    • Mum has booked for him to start swimming again next week. She says it is worth the risk for how much it will help him. I hope she’s right.
      Good luck with your appointment

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