Stop thief! – Wednesday 24th June 2020

Stop Thief!

Now when I’m saying ‘stop thief!’ it would be difficult for you to know which particular thief I was referring to. Yesterday included the thrush repeatedly helping itself to the moss from the hanging basket. I was all set to chase it off, but Mum said she likes that the birds are nesting close by and doesn’t begrudge it a bit of moss. I think she is understating the problem, there was an awful lot of moss crammed in its bill at the point we had the conversation.

Then there was the squirrel. Caught red pawed once again, trying to make off with one of our bones. He only got another couple of metres with it before putting it down. Mum pointed out that none of us had been interested in that particular bone recently so we shouldn’t mind too much. I said that wasn’t the point. There are things of hers she hasn’t used recently but we’re not allowed to have those.

Real culprit

Mum said that it wasn’t the squirrel or the thrush who were the real culprit, but me. I feigned innocence, but I knew what she was going to say. Yes, I put my paw up. I was the one who was sick in the bedroom in the middle of the night. Yes, I’d been stealing unripe apples from the tree as well as the cherries that have fallen. I’m fine. Once I’d been sick the tummy ache went so you’ve no need to worry about me. Mum’s cleared up now too so we’re back to normal. She’s just asked if I would either stop altogether or clean up after myself. Tough call.

Paddling Pool

It’s up! Mum looked at the weather forecast and as it was set to be good for a few days she set our pool up yesterday. Of course, the sun went in immediately and I did the whole ‘You don’t really expect me to get in there, do you?’ routine. It seems she did expect it, but I still didn’t do it. When the sun comes back out I might give it a go, but only if she sits outside with us to watch. The best bit sadly did not get caught on camera. When Mum first put the hosepipe in, she had it turned on to quite high pressure and the water bounced off the bottom straight back up at her and all over her. Mum had to go to get a towel to dry off. I thought it was hilarious.



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