Wildlife Flashback – Friday 26th June 2020

Wildlife Flashback

We have a wildlife flashback today. I love Friday Flashback and especially seeing what our own dear Alfie got up to when he was a little. I looked back to when he was 7 months old and this is what he has to say in 2006:

Wildlife flashback

There has been a strange screeching noise at nights recently. Clearly it is some animal but we have no idea what it is. There have been suggestions of it being a mating call. It sounds more as though the animal in question is concluding that the possible mates are extremely ugly and is none too happy with the choice. Surely no other animal could be attracted by that sort of a sound? It is enough to make me cover my ears with my paws. It’s not nearly as musical as my howling, although in fairness my howling is not a mating call.

The rate its going I’m going to try and claim compensation for distress. It’s either that or persuade him to join a dating agency rather urgently.

Getting Prickled

I had a very nasty experience the other day. I was out for a walk and squatted down to do my business, when I accidentally squatted on a thorny plant. Well I rushed out yelping and went to find another spot but it had given me quite a shock I can tell you. A dog should be able to do things like that in comfort not get prickled in places that shouldn’t be prickled!

Oh dear, I then moved forward to when Aristotle was about nine months old in 2012. He wasn’t expecting this:

A bit of a surprise

Aristotle has gone to the vet. He has gone willingly and the happy little soul he is, has not asked what he is going for. Being a trusting little fellow he has assumed it is all to do with his poorly leg. At least that’s what he thought until we got there. His sad little face when I had to leave him and come away was just awful to see.

It was then that the full impact of the word castration hit him and he sank to the floor in despair. Oh he’d understood the theory of the discussion about his leg making it too high a risk for him to breed. What he hadn’t understood was that to make our lives easier with two hormonal bitches in the house he would be facing castration. Sorry little fella, but you’re in good company.

Alfie and Ari enjoying an ice cream in Jun 2012

I think that’s quite enough about things like that. Ari is still a very trusting little fella unless it is about which biscuit is involved and then you just can’t pull the wool over his eyes. He’s got his priorities right!



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