Going Deaf – Sunday 28th June 2020

Going deaf

Mum is pretty sure that Shadow is going deaf. She and Shadow have done the whole ear cleaning thing and she doesn’t think that is now the problem. I think Mum is going to book her into the vet to be sure it’s not something simple, but Shadow is really struggling to hear which way she is being called from or if she is being called at all. She loves going upstairs to spend time with Dad. Mum have developed a system where she goes with Shadow part way upstairs and then Dad calls her to join him. It is not proving straightforward. Poor Shadow. It really can’t be much fun, but she’s bouncing just as much as ever so that’s a good thing.

Getting Old

Because the focus was on Alfie for so long, Mum really didn’t think so much about Shadow getting old. She will be 11 and half in only just over a month’s time. She’s in pretty good shape so hopefully she’s got a long time ahead of her. She and I get on so well that I can’t really imagine what life would be like without her.


I was busy enjoying being outdoors yesterday when Mum called me in because it was thundering. I don’t mind it, but she says it’s not safe for me to stay outside then. Mind you, even I would have thought twice about staying outside in rain as torrential as that. Mum had to run around the house closing all the windows she had left open. At least she didn’t need to water the garden.

I don’t think the weather will be much better today. If it is Mum says we can sit outside together. I think she is going to find somewhere she can take a nap if I’m being honest. Not that I object to that it in principle. As long as she finds somewhere to lie down that’s big enough for two.



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