Planning My Week – Monday 29th June 2020

Planning my week

I’m busy planning my week. I’ve sat Mum down and said the current situation simply won’t do anymore. There is little real likelihood of life returning to normal in the near future, so we need to find new ways of looking at things. To be honest, she and I are so used to going out and about together that I think we’re both finding the current situation a bit strange. She has already conceded that I can go to day care on a Wednesday so that I can play with other doggy friends without her needing to be there. Now we just need to put one or two more activities into the week to break it up.

Giving mum a choice

I’m giving mum a choice. She can either come out with me at times of day which make it unlikely we’ll see anyone, or she needs to get her head round filling up with fuel occasionally so we can drive to somewhere. Living in a village, there are a remarkable number of people who get up very early in the morning, so morning walks can be busy. I’ve offered to prod her later in the evening so we could perhaps go out then. Most people round here seem to be asleep by about 9pm – sadly given the chance that does include Mum. She hasn’t actually been to a fuel station since the 22nd April, which is very unusual for her. I did say that right now an electric car would be helpful, but she said that it was a bit late to realise that.

Mum’s suggestion

Mum said that if I were not so unhappy about walking along the roadside then the problem would be solved. I guess she’s got a point there. We may need to reach a compromise.



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