Cutest Puppy – Tuesday 30th June 2020

Cutest Puppy

Isn’t little Alfie just the cutest puppy? This chair really belongs to his small human sister, but it fits him just perfectly. He says that his humans aren’t allowing him on the settee at the moment, but they didn’t include this little chair in the list of things he couldn’t do. He thought he’d see if he could get away with using it, while he’s small enough to fit. He only weighs about 6 kg at the moment. By the time he’s fully grown he really isn’t going to be able to sit there anymore.

Unexpected Bonus

Yesterday I got a very unexpected bonus. There was one very important thing that our Alfie forgot in his will when he was giving away all his earthly goods. He forgot to leave his little car to anyone. Now of course, technically it belongs to Mum so it isn’t as though we could sell it. However, there is one passenger seat and that was always Alfie’s. Dad had vague ideas that he should get to go in it, but we just laugh at suggestions like that.

Anyway, yesterday Mum had to get it out of the garage to check the tyre pressures. “Sit here a minute, Wilma,” she said when I asked what she was doing. “What do you think?” she said. Well, I was honest and said I liked it very much. I was quite overwhelmed when she said she thought Alfie would have liked me to have it.

Learning to drive

Now I just need to get some L plates and find someone willing to teach a dog to drive. I haven’t shared that part of my thinking with Mum as I fear she might be a little sensitive about the plan. It never does to overly worry your human.



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