Aristotle Here – Sunday 5th July 2020

Aristotle here

Well it’s Aristotle here. Do you remember the days when life was more normal and Wilma used to let me write the diary sometimes? I complained to Mum that I was feeling a bit pushed out and she was very sympathetic. Anyway, she did explain as gently as she could, that I had to remember that while I’ve been resting my leg not only was I technically off work sick, but I couldn’t get up the stairs to the office to use the computer. Anyway, I’m still not doing stairs, so Mum agreed to bring the computer to me as I’m much better now.


I spent some of the afternoon outside in the garden. It was so nice to feel that life is beginning to get back to normal. Actually it was far better than that, as Dad was in the garden too and it’s the first chance I’ve had to spend time with him for a while. He gives the very best bottom scratches. That’s something Mum has never been so good at.

The big disappointment in the whole process was that I only got to join them outside after they had finished their cream tea. Now, forgive me for pointing this out, but I like clotted cream as much as the next dog, so where was mine? It isn’t as though Mum buys the scones with things in them that are bad for us dogs – just the plain scones. They would be perfect.

Talking of food

Talking of food, there was a bit of an incident earlier in the week involving Shadow. She has been keeping Dad company for much of the time in his quarantine. Anyway, he’d gone for a shower and came out to find Shadow had eaten the banana skin he’d left on the side. Mum looked up if there were any risk and apparently they can cause a bit of a blockage. She rang the vet but they said not to worry. So far all seems to be well and no ill effects appear to have been suffered. Mum has asked if she’d mind not doing things like that in future as she worries.

Have a good week. I’m guessing Wilma won’t let me near the computer again for a few days, so be good.



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  1. Hi Ari, great to see your photos and hear your news. I have missed your chats with us. Pleased to see your dad too. Great you are on the mend. Everyone is a little more relaxed here now we know my leg is nearly better. I just have to persuade them that I am fit enough to have my place back on the settee. It has been out of bounds for 12 weeks. Have a good day. Love Dickens XXX

    • Hey, bro
      I know the problem. What is it with humans. They can sit on the settee anytime but they pick and choose when it’s ok for us. I’m working on it this end. Let me know if you find a tactic that works.

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