That Little Face – Wednesday 8th July 2020

That Little Face

Mum says she’s missed that little face in the office. Aristotle’s rehab has moved on a stage and Mum is letting him do stairs just a little bit. That means he can finally spend some time back in the office with us. Actually, when I say ‘us’ that bit is not strictly true. Apparently I still can’t be trusted to be gentle with him so he is spending time up there when I’m not about.

He is spending more time outside in the garden too, although to be fair he seems to have developed some of my tendencies and has been eating the fallen apples. I suppose that’s better than the lengths I go to of taking them off the tree, sometimes complete with branch.

Talking of Apples

Talking of apples, I do regret to say there is no fruit on the cider apple trees that Mum added this year. I am rather disappointed on that score. I’d been quite optimistic to try a drop of cider. Mum laughed when I told her and explained that they wouldn’t be just cider on a tree. Sadly, there some other things that would need doing to the apples to change them from apples into cider. It looks like I’m going to have to be patient on all fronts.

Exciting Day

Even without the cider, today is going to be an exciting day. Dad will come out of quarantine. I just can’t wait to see him. I think he’ll be glad to move around the house freely as well. Of course, it may mean Mum puts a paintbrush in his hand, but I guess he can’t have everything. I’m hoping Mum might feel confident enough for us all to go out for a walk together. I’d really like that. I might have to be patient about that too.



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