Better Days – Saturday 11th July 2020

Better Days

We’re planning a couple of better days. Never mind what the rest of the world is doing, we are all going to relax and unwind a little for a couple of days. Mum and Dad have both said they want to spend their weekend outside in the sunshine and we have all agreed that’s fine by us. We are going to have to take it in turns as I’m still not being allowed to risk breaking Aristotle again. Shadow will probably be allowed out with either Aristotle or me. She doesn’t seem to feel compelled to wind him up the way I am. I forget he’s older and not quite as nimble on his paws. He was always the mad crazy one when I was little and I still see him that way.

Our Pool

Dad did say if it were warm enough then he would get in the paddling pool with us, until we get the hang of playing in there for ourselves. I don’t know what he regards as warm enough. He can be a bit of a softy where cold temperatures are concerned. Mum says she plans to catch up on some reading and maybe a little dozing too. For my part, I doubt that. I’ve never really known her sit still for long. She and I can be quite similar in that regard.

Old photos

Mum was sorting through some old photos and found some nice ones of Alfie when he was younger. It’s funny seeing him looking so young when I only ever knew him as an older dog. He was already nine and a half when I was born. It would have been fun to see him like this. Mind you, I still think of myself as being just a pup but it will be my fifth birthday later this month. I’d hoped Dad would still be here for my birthday but I think he has to go back to Switzerland before it. Maybe we could celebrate early.



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