Hair Cut – Sunday 12th July 2020

Hair Cut

Dad had a hair cut yesterday. It was a very brave thing to do as Mum was on the other end of the scissors. Ari tried to help and on balance Mum decided to wait for him to sit down out of the way before wielding the scissors in Dad’s direction. Ari said he’d had enough of a haircut when he had his operation and really didn’t want another one… ever! The good thing was that even at the end of the hair cut dad’s hair didn’t look too bad at all. Mum decided to quit while she was ahead and won’t be having a go at her own. She has also made very clear than none of us can use those scissors for anything other than hair. Actually, what she said was none of us can use those scissors for anything. I don’t think she trusts us.

Painting incident

Mum did have a near disastrous painting incident. She is decorating one of the rooms upstairs and decided to use up some of the paint we have stored. She found a tin of yellow paint that she liked the colour of. It must have been in the cupboard for around ten years. Anyway, it needed a good stir. She has an old wooden chopstick she uses to stir the paint and duly gave it a whirl. When she saw there was paint on the side of the tin, her first thought was that it was an odd place for her to get paint.

Paint slick

When the paint started cascading out of holes around the tin she woke up pretty quickly. The tin had disintegrated and only fast action stood between her and a large yellow paint slick all over the carpet. Mum used kitchen roll to plug the worst hole. Then grabbed a tee shirt to wrap the tin, before rushing the tin downstairs. She grabbed a cardboard box which was waiting for recycling and got the tin outside before disaster struck.

Needless to say, the room will not now be being painted in that particular colour. She is also now going to undertake a thorough assessment of the state of the other tins before she has a repeat drama.



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  1. Hi Wilma, I can just imagine the paint scene. So glad your Mum acted so fast. Must have been fun to watch though:-)

    • Why is it we never have the camera ready at the right time? Mum walking into the bird table while trying to get away from a wasp would have been quite funny too.

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