Resting – Monday 13th July 2020


Ari spent yesterday resting. Surprise surprise, he’s been over doing it and was limping quite a lot. Mum said he could take a day or two to let things settle before he carries on. He didn’t really mind. He was more annoyed that Mum also made him have clean bedding when he’d only just got his smelling the way he likes it. Mum put her foot down and said that at the point you go into a room and get the overwhelming smell of boy / dog, then it’s time to do something about it. He didn’t mind his window being open as he could hear more of what was going on in the outside world but he was fed up about his bed.

Dad and Ari in the garden

Slo Mo

Mum did take a fun slow motion film of him when she called him the other day. What makes it funny is that he doesn’t want to run across the grass to her, but has to use the footpath. I don’t know where he gets it from. I think he’s spent too long copying the sort of thing Mum would do.

Bird feeder

The signpost bird feeder has at last found a proper home. It was supposed to go in the front garden in place of the one that was there, the broken one. However, the birds say they like the broken one as it has good cover by the surrounding bushes and they’ve asked to keep it as it is. Mum has now put the carefully painted sign with ‘nta’s Grotto’ carefully pointing north and placed it between the two cherry trees so the birds have some cover. I think they’re going to like it. We’ve been getting a number of goldfinches on it. I like it as I’m supplementing my diet with dropped sunflower seeds.



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