Going too far – Sunday 19th July 2020

Going too far

This is really going too far. Waiting for my food is one thing, but having to share a bed with Shadow is a step beyond acceptable. Mum said it was because she couldn’t be bothered to bring Shadow’s bed in for an odd night and my bed is supposed to be big enough for two. Well it would be if Shadow didn’t hog the whole thing. She lies there stretched out like a complete princess. What am I supposed to do, sit on top of her? As you might imagine, I complained. That was met with a reminder that we are cutting down on barking. This is intolerable. It is an infringement of my canine rights. I said it was ok as I’d sleep on Mum’s bed with her. Now you really aren’t going to believe this, but she actually said ‘NO’!

Looking ahead

When things were a bit more relaxed I asked if we could discuss this developing ‘situation’. When we did, Mum explained that when Dad goes back to Switzerland on Thursday then she will bring Shadow’s bed back into the bedroom. Shadow is going to need it where it is and as Dad is back in quarantine she can’t move it around the house. This is complicated. As to why I couldn’t join her on the bed, I’m a bit less clear, but from observation, I think it had something to do with her struggling to sleep at the moment and wanting to flail around.

Shadow and Ari

Shadow and Ari enjoyed having some time together over the weekend. They had a bit of an argument at first, but that’s kids and their parents for you. Actually, I don’t argue with Mama when I see her. I save that for my sister, but I guess the principle is the same.



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