Ideas above her station – Monday 20th July 2020

Ideas Above Her Station

Shadow has ideas above her station. Dad has been indulging her and telling her she is special and a little princess and she has lapped up every word. When Dad goes back on Thursday we will be the ones left to live with Shadow and have to deal with her attitude. I’ve already told you about her expectations regarding the bed upstairs. Don’t even get me started on when Mum is peeling vegetables. It isn’t that I mind sharing the peelings. Why would I? The problem is that Shadow is sick if she eats carrot so she can’t have the peelings. That cannot be seen as my fault. Does she leave me to eat the peelings in peace? No! She either demands her share even though they make her ill, or she barks non-stop so I can’t concentrate on enjoying mine.

Paddling Pool

Mum has refilled the paddling pool as the weather is supposed to be better again for a while. As soon as she put the water in the sun went in and the wind picked up. I think it might be a direct relationship. Anyway, she threw my boomer ball in and made a big splash. I think she expected Shadow or me to follow it into the water. Shadow just carried on sniffing around the garden. I looked first at the ball, then at Mum. “You threw it in, you go after it,” I said. Strangely she walked away and left it. Round 2 to the dog.

Obsessive Tidying

Mum is back to obsessive tidying. It isn’t as though anything got untidy since the last round. She has moved onto piles of things that have been quite happy for years and would have been content for a long while yet. I’m moving my toys out of her way. Two old bones were thrown out this weekend and that’s two too many for my liking.



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