Alfie Flashback – Friday 24th July 2020

Alfie as a puppy
Alfie as a puppy

Alfie Flashback

It’s time for an Alfie Flashback. To be honest I thought I’d try and find something from a July when the weather was better. Boy, did it rain here yesterday.

I found this from when Alfie was a puppy, in 2006. It wasn’t about better weather but it was quite sweet. It had been the first time that Mum had been away on holiday without him. He was very pleased to see them home.

Alfie glad They’re Back

Well diary I am happy to say that I am home. My mistress and master picked me up yesterday evening after what was for me a very long day of worry. I had told myself that when I saw them I wasn’t going to show my excitement I was going to play it cool. But I’m a dog not a cat. I bounced all over them and my mistress wouldn’t stop hugging me, she was so pleased to see me. It’s funny thinking that I could have thought they didn’t love me. I wonder how long it will take before she gets fed up with my not wanting to let her out of my sight. She actually seems to be rather enjoying it at the minute.

I told her all the worries I’d had, that they didn’t need me anymore and that they might not come back for me. She told me I must never think things like that and I would always be their dog and they loved me. I was wondering if I could use it to negotiate any increased pocket money or the occasional sleep on their bed but maybe I’m pushing my luck.

And Five years ago…

This was fun in 2015 but probably not for the reason you’d think. Mum did take Shadow to the stud dog the following day or the one after. That was when she first heard the news that I had been born. (Did I mention it’s my birthday tomorrow?) Mum didn’t know then that I would be coming to live with her, but it’s fun to think she was in Switzerland when she heard I’d arrived into the world. It was really hot that summer and Mum and Shadow were very hot in their hotel waiting.

A waiting game

Yesterday was a stressful day for the travellers. Shadow’s progesterone test result came back and was still very low. At first they thought it had gone down, but then understood there are two scales and actually it just means it is rising very slowly. That left my Mistress feeling more cheerful and optimistic but just having to accept that they will have to stay in Switzerland a little longer than they had originally thought. Shadow is having another test today and will get the result of that one tomorrow. Our Mistress thinks she might take her to meet the stud dog tomorrow or Sunday but without really expecting much to happen.

Alfie flashback to when Shadow was eating beside the car.
Shadow eating out on 24th July 2015



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